Katerina Scholz

PhD student

Office location: Room 111
Telephone: +49 241 80-95416
Email: k.scholz@ged.rwth-aachen.de

Born Feb. 5th 1979, Hinsdale, USA

2005-recent: PhD student at the Geologie-Endogene Dynamik, RWTH Aachen University

1998-2005: Geology student, RWTH Aachen University

2001-2002: Exchange student, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, USA

European baccalaureate at the European School of Varese, Italy

PhD thesis

Diplomarbeit / Diploma thesis

Diplomkartierung / Mapping project

PhD-thesis: Properties of fault zones - Microstructural analysis of the RWTH-1 geothermal well cores

Micrographs of microstructures in the RWTH-1 wellbore

Diploma thesis: Drilling hazards in the Zechstein: squeezing salts and floaters

Mapping project: NE of Agios Dimitrios, Ptolemaida Basin, NW Greece