Zsolt Schléder

PhD student

Office location:   Room 111
Telephone:   +49 241 80-95416
Email:   z.schleder@ged.rwth-aachen.de

Born Jan. 1st 1977, Sárbogárd, Hungary

2002-recent: PhD at Geologie-Endogene Dynamik, RWTH Aachen

1995-2001: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (Hungary)

PhD Thesis


Master Thesis

PhD-thesis: Deformation and transport processes in halite: a microtectonics study


The aim of this research project is to derive information on the deformation history, mechanical properties, paleostress, recrystallization, and fluid transport of salt from the Central-European Basin. The halite samples are studied by integrating the novel techniques of (i) transmitted light microscopy of gamma-decorated thin sections, (ii) subgrain size paleopiezometry of polished and chemically etched samples using reflected light microscopy, (iii) analysis of grain boundary structure and microchemistry by SEM and microprobe, and (iv) X-ray orientation imaging using an X-ray diffractometer. During the first part of the project we validate the method with a detailed study of well-documented underground structures in The Netherlands (solution mining site at Hengelo), Germany (Neuhof salt mine) and Poland (Klodawa salt mine). Parallel with this we apply the analytical methods to salt samples from drill cores from the Central-European Basin. During the continuation of the project the main aim is to provide a quantitative model of the mechanical properties and transport processes in evaporites of the Cental European Basin. The results of the first project part will be used in the numerical simulation program ELLE. With this numerical model we will be able to simulate microstructural and textural evolution in halite and use this to model microstructure evolution in an evolving salt diapir.

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