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NEWS: 28/07/05

Chris and David Wiltschko organize a Session (T26) on Syntectonic Veins at AGU 2005:

Origin and Significance of Syntectonic Veins (5-9 December 2005, San Francisco)

We'd like to welcome researchers in fields as diverse as structural geology, precipitation kinetics, crystal growth micromechanics, and petrology to address the question of the formation of syntectonic veins. The session should come up with ideas on 1) the source of the fluid and interaction with the host rock, 2) P-T conditions of precipitation, 3) stress direction if not magnitude during deformation and 4) kinematics of the dilation leading to veining. Submission deadline of abstracts is 8 September 2005. More information can be found at the AGU website

Fibrous New York veins Stretched crystals in a vein in the Eifel
Veins on Naxos Veins in Oman

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