Eifel cube


Picture_1012 - Eifel cube 2Picture_1011 - Eifel cube 1

You can download the zipped kmz file here!
If you are interested in the subsurface of Aachen and the Eifel, you can use this Google earth file. It will generate a cube in the subsurface of Aachen, with geological profiles pasted to it's sides. You can move it up and down using the calendar bar in the top left (see white arrow in left image, behind the logos).
This is the Google Earth Version of the Eifel Cube developed by the GED and GIA. Originally, this cube was designed by Prof. Dr. Gerd Flajs, Prof. Dr. Roland Walter, Oliver Schenk, Werner Kraus and Marius Brundiers. The KMZ file was made by Jan Schneider. When you load the cupe for the first time, make sure that you have image compression activated. The checkbox is located under Tools -> Options -> 3D View -> Texture Colours. Without compression it will take a lot longer to load or might even crash the computer.

Folding matrix


Click on play button to start application, then click on one of the pictures to go to the folding movie.

The new movie will open in Youtube, in a new window.


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