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PhD Project


My PhD project was about in-situ, high resolution, study of porosity in clay rich geo-materials by BIB-Cryo-SEM techniques. In December 2014, I defended my PhD thesis called: "Pore space characterization of organic-rich shales using BIB-SEM". Currently I am setting up a spin-off, EXIST Nanoporosity, with my colleagues on the application of (cyro) Broad Ion Beam (BIB) polishing and SEM imaging on fine-grained rocks, reservoir rocks and metal injected mudstones. We are funded by the Exist Forschungs Transfer programm of the BMWi (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie).



Peer-reviewed papers

  • Klaver, J., Hemes, S., Houben, M., Desbois, G., Radi, Z., Urai, J.L., 2015. The connectivity of pore space in mudstones: insights from high pressure Wood's Metal Injection, BIB-SEM imaging and Mercury Injection Porosimetry. Geofluids, DOI:
  • Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Littke, R., Urai, J.L., 2015. BIB-SEM characterization of pore space morphology and distribution in postmature to overmature samples from the Haynesville and Bossier Shales. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 59, 451-466.
  • Giffin, S., Littke, R., Klaver, J., Urai, J.L., 2013. Application of BIB-SEM technology to characterize macropore morphology in coal. Int. J. Coal Geol. 114, 85-95.
  • Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Urai, J.L., Littke, R., 2012. BIB-SEM study of the pore space morphology in early mature Posidonia Shale from the Hils area, Germany. Int. J. Coal Geol. 103, 12-25.

Selected Oral and Poster presentations


Selected oral presentations

  • Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Littke, R., Urai, J.L., 2015. Pore space morphology and distribution in mature and post mature Posidonia Shale samples from the Hils area, Germany. 4-7 October 2015, GeoBerlin 2015, Annual Meeting of DGGV • DMG, Berlin, Germany.

  • Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Schwarz, J-O., Urai, J.L., 2015. Nano-micro scale characterization of pore space and microstructure of an overmature organic-rich shale. 6 July, Euroclay2015, Edinburgh, UK.

  • Klaver J., Desbois G.,  Urai J. L., 2011. 2D porosity mapping and distribution in an organic rich shale from the Middle East: preliminary results using a broad ion beam-scanning electron microscopy (BIB-SEM) approach. EGU General Assembly.  Geophysical Research Abstracts 13,  pp. EGU2011-1738. Room 3 / Wed, 06 Apr, 14:30–14:45 (session) (pdf)

Selected poster presentations

  • Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Urai, J.L., 2014. Characterization of pore space morphology and connectivity in mudstones using a combination of Broad Ion Beam milling and Scanning Electron Microscopy (BIB-SEM) with Wood’s Metal Injection (WMI). Workshop "The challenge of studying low permeability materials: Laboratory, in situ (field) and numerical methods", Cergy-Pontoise, France.

  • Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Urai, J., 2012. Study of the pore space in Posidonia Shale using BIB-SEM, 2nd Mini-symposium on: Porous media research in the Netherlands; Theory, experiments, models, and applications, Shell Rijswijk.

  • Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Urai, J.L., 2011. Porosity mapping of shale using broad ion beam – scanning electron microscopy (BIB-SEM): preliminary results of an organic rich shale, Flows and mechanics in natural porous media from pore to field scale, Pore2Field. IFP Energies nouvelles, Paris, France, p. 4.
  • Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Urai, J.L., 2011. Qualitative and quantitative charactarization of porosity in a low porous and low permeable organic rich shale by combining broad ion beam and scanning electron microscopy (BIB-SEM), Clays under Nano- to Microscopic resolution. NEA Clay Club Workshop Proceedings, Karlsruhe (Germany), p. 4.




  • 2007-2009 MSc Geosciences of Basins and Lithosphere, VU Amsterdam
  • 2008 One semester at the University of Bergen (Basinmaster)
  • 2004-2008 BSc Earth Sciences-geology, VU Amsterdam
  • 2000-2004 BSc Civil Engineering, specialization in Geo-technical engineering, Hogeschool Alkmaar 


Master Thesis

Fracture characteristics in the siliciclastic Umm Ishrin Formation near Petra, West Jordan.

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