Visiting scientists

Picture_2853 - Manish

Prof. Manish  A. Mamtani

Department of Geology and Geophysics

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur


Research Topic: Analysis of Fault Rocks from Gadag Region (Dharwar Craton, Southern India) – implications for paleoseismic activity and gold mineralization.

(May-June 2017; Humboldt Fellow)

Picture_1373 - Stephen Cox Prof. Stephen Cox
Australian National University Canberra,
Research School of Earth Sciences
Research topic: Stable isotope geochemistry of crack-seal calcite vein networks in the Oman Mountains and fluid flow history. In collaboration with Simon Virgo & Max Arndt.
August 2011 - January 2012
Picture_1375 - Prokop Zavada Dr. Prokop Závada
Postdoctoral scientist,
Institute of Geophysics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
Research topic: Deformation mechanisms of rocks including liquid phase (e.g. metamorphic rocks with interstitial melt, crystallizing volcanic rocks, salt rocks with interstitial brine fluid) and mechanisms of vertical transport and fabric transpositions of various geological materials.
At the RWTH: Detailed microstructural analysis of salt rocks from Kuh-e-Namak (Dashti) salt diapir from southern Iran. Since January 2009, the five months scholarship is funded by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).
Picture_1374 - Tayfun Babadagli Prof. Babadagli
University of Alberta, Canada
Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery and Reservoir Characterization Research Group
Research topic: fracture closure mechanism due to mineral precipitation during brine flow (visit hosted by Prof. J. Urai and Dr. Ch. Hilgers). In August 2001. Sponsored by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).
  Prof. Bhattacharya
University of Lucknow, India
Department of Geology at the faculty of science.
Humboldt Fellow.