The BIB-cryo-SEM is used in two different ways:

1. BIB-cryo-SEM

The BIB-cryo-SEM is used to stabilize fluids present in wet samples that can be investigated in-situ at -150C. A broken cross-section can be made in the cryo preparation chamber attached to the SEM, or a BIB polished cross-section can be made inside the SEM chamber. Samples can be investigated in frozen state or can be freeze-dried, allowing high resolution investigation of the microstructure of delicate materiasl by SEM microscopy.


Picture_737 - BIB cryo SEM

BIB-cryo-SEM Zeiss supra 55

2. BIB + SEM

Dry, dried or freeze-dried samples, can be polished in the stand alone broad-ion-beam cross-section polisher (JEOL SM-09010), which produces high quality cross-sections without damage to the microstructure. These polished cross-sections can be imaged using the scanning electron microscope.

Picture_743 - JEOL BIB

JEOL cross-section polisher SM-09010

Movie of 3D serial sectioning of brine filled halite grain boundaries


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