GigaPixel Panorama


Al-Raheba vein mesh (full-image): please click here!

Stitching & Rendering processing:

We create high resolution GigaPixel panorama images with the software Autopano Giga 2 ( © Kolor). The panorama images are composed of image series taken from polished outcrops or from thin sections (optical microscopy) or SEM-samples.

Autopano Giga 2 has a modular architecture, which allows full freedom of manipulation after the automated panorama creation. The rendering process itself is outsourced to a separate module. The Software is capable to utilize muli-core CPUs, GPUs as well as the full resources of a 64 bit system and is therefore able to handle big datasets very time efficiently.

Vizualization for web browsers:

For fast visualization and web presentation we exported our georeferenced panoramas as a Zoomify © image. Zoomify Express (© Zoomify Inc.) is a freeware tool that creates several downscaled images of the input image (pyramids) and divides those together with
the full resolution image into 256x256 pixel tiles. A flash script embedded in HTML arranges and displays the tiles, allowing panning
and zooming of the picture in a web browser with very little loading time.


High resolution outcrop panorama of a dense crack-seal calcite vein network.
Top surface of Natih A formation (Turonian). Western flank of Jabal Shams, Oman Mountains.
See the map to the right for the location.
Picture_769 - Discotheque outcrop Jabal Shams Oman Mountains

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Al Raheba vein mesh